Now that your account is all set up and you have read our Best Practices it is time to dive in and make the most of Rally. Here are some simple steps and pointers for getting up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Start with a simple and commonly used questionnaire

  • Choosing a simple questionnaire that is frequently used will help you not only get up and running on Rally quickly, but you will begin to experience the fruits of your labor. We find Client Intake Questionnaires are a great place to start as this is typically the most commonly used and simple to build.

2. Let us help you test

  • As you build out questionnaires we are happy to do a run through and let you know if we have any suggestions regarding formatting, flow or clarity. Just send a quick email to and we will provide our feedback in a timely manner so you can get started using it with clients ASAP!

3. Decide how you want to approach payments

  • Rally has a few options for how you approach payments for services you are offering through the platform. Take the time for each service you add to consider how you want to integrate payment

    • Specifying a flat fee - This is our most popular option as you can process payments directly through our LawPay integration as clients complete the questionnaires (or before, see below for more info)
    • Not providing fee information until after a consult - This method is typically used when the price varies depending on what services are required. It can still be helpful to list services without a price so prospects know that it is offered by your firm and you can always invoice them later.

  • For the services that you will be charging a flat rate, you can also decide whether you want payments to always happen before or after the questionnaire. There are different reasons/strategies for charging before or after so it is completely up to you:

    • Charge Before Questionnaire: Some users find that the client is more likely to follow through with completing the questionnaire if they have already committed to paying for the service. This can be particularly helpful with longer questionnaires.
    • Charging After Questionnaire: Some users find that although some clients drop off halfway through completing a survey, they feel more comfortable with the process having seen and answered the questions required before processing payment.

4. Build as you go

  • Often clients can put a lot of pressure on themselves to build out all questionnaires and documents when they are first getting started. What we recommend is building out questionnaires as you need to use them. This can minimize the upfront workload and as mentioned above you will learn a lot and gain valuable feedback as you begin using Rally so you will only become more proficient over time!

  • Let's use an example of a non-disclosure agreement.  If a client requests this type of agreement, rather than spending time on the phone with the client asking them the information you need to complete the agreement, you could spend that time building the questionnaire and then send that out instead. It will likely take a similar amount of time and then the next time you have a request for an NDA, you have the questionnaire ready to go.

5. Email us when you get stuck

  • If at any point when you are building questionnaires or automating documents you run into a snag or just can't figure something out, please email us right away. We want to ensure your time is well spent and we are happy to help you get through any issues you are having as quickly as possible to get you back on track. 

  • You can send a quick email to with a description of the issue you are having and a link to the template and we can get back to you ASAP!

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